Movie Called Off

Well, as things stand now, I have officially parted ways with BenderStink BenderSpink. Do you want to know why? Let me tell you!

The other day, I emailed the person in charge to share with them how widespread my story has become by sharing an amateur (though very well made) short film that someone in Budapest, Hungary made. (Since that day, I have also received another well made short from someone in Argentina, and someone in El Salvador with over 200,000 YouTube subscribers is currently working on another video.)

The point of me sharing this was to show him that popularity has spread across the world, and therefore it has become much more popular since he first contacted me, making it a bigger asset to all of us. That makes sense, right? Well, his response was that the video was “just ok,” and that he had done all he could and was no longer interested. :I

Let me also explain what he meant by “all he could.”
Basically, their company contacted me in late 2013 expressing great interest in my work and spoke of pitching an idea to New Line, even going as far as to say that it could even be a franchise. They paired me with a screen writer who sat around for months and months, keeping me out of the loop and putting forth zero effort. Finally, in the spring of 2014, he squeezed out some really lame and generic “beat sheet,” as he called it, which wasn’t a screen play as much as a sort of outline. Honestly, I’ve written better things (I have fans who can vouch), and even BenderSpink didn’t like it.
After that, no one did a thing. I had declined some offers from some smaller people because BS contacted me first and I was trying to be loyal to them.
But it turns out that they really are just a bunch of BS.
It wasn’t like I came to them with my stuff. They were the ones who came to me. They kept me in the dark, wasted nearly two years of my life, and blew any chance I had with other people before suddenly shooting me down, simply for trying to show them how popular my work had become! It’s nice to see where loyalty gets you these days.

So my advice to anyone who has something that they love and are passionate about is this: If BenderSpink contacts you, tell them to stuff it. Take a look at the list of movies they’ve made. Out of all those movies, only maybe 2 of them were actually good films. And needless to say, they will most likely treat you horribly and waste the time that you could be spending on better things.

As for me, I will continue to push onward. If any other production companies are interested, I am wide open, just as long as you respect me and my work. I don’t appreciate being jerked around by anyone, especially when it comes to something that I am passionate about.

For now, guys, check out my Facebook page, and take a look at some of the really cool videos that people have made. They deserve some praise. 🙂