About my copyright.

In the past few months, the amount of people using my work without my permission (some even profiting from it) has skyrocketed.
Here’s what no one understands:
I actually hold a copyright license for the work. When you own a copyright, you have to actually use it, otherwise there’s no point in having it in the first place.
Now, I do realize that a number of people found my work on some “Creepypasta Wikia,” which apparently claimed (or at least led people to believe) that it was public domain.
It is not.
It is my intellectual property- something that I created with my bare hands and I love. The saddest part about everything is how many people have been riding on the success of my work while I sit here with the original art in my hands and no one even knows who the hell I am.
As a point of interest, here is a short story about how I handled the infringement and how I was treated in return:
Most of the infringing material was located on YouTube and was brought to my attention by people who know me and know about my work. Since I am pretty new to YouTube and don’t know much about it (and due to the ridiculous number of videos containing my work), I had a bit of trouble contacting every single violator. So I did the best I could, and issued a copy-pasted warning to as many of them as I could, and it basically consisted of “Hey, you’re using my work without permission, I’ll give you 30 days to clear this up, otherwise I’ll have to take legal action.”
This is perfectly reasonable. After all, it’s my work, not theirs, and I actually took the time to issue a warning rather than just jumping straight to filing copyright complaints. A couple of people actually got back to me and we sorted things out. They got my permission after agreeing to my terms, and everything was dandy.
However, many people continued to ignore my warning, and meanwhile, their fans started coming after me, stalking me across the internet making threats, attacking me, questioning the legitimacy of my work, and just basically being unreasonably mean, immature children.
The stress was a lot to take, and it got to the point where, in order to escape the harassment, I had to exhaust the 30 day warnings early and just put a copyright strike on every video I found that used my work without permission. In addition, I had to disable comments on my own YouTube videos and basically sequester myself until the copyright claims were finalized.
As soon as the strikes were in place, a whole bunch of emails came flooding in from the people I reported. Most of them were apologetic, and some wanted to work things out, which I thought was fine, and I was willing to make things work.
BUT, as it would figure, the people with the most aggressive fans turned out to be the most aggressive people in general, and their emails were very rude and demeaning. I don’t understand how someone can feel entitled to someone else’s work to the point where they’ll feel completely justified in trash talking and belittling the original creator, simply for exercising their creative rights. It’s disgusting.
This is not how I wanted things to turn out. When I wrote the story, I didn’t think much of it- That is to say, I didn’t think that it would gain such an appreciation from people and become as popular as it has. If I’d known, I would have recorded myself drawing it, because apparently the fact that I own the original art, hold a copyright for the original art, and have people who watched me draw the original art isn’t enough to convince people that I own it. It’s not enough to deter people from using it without permission. It’s not enough to keep people from feeling entitled to it.
So I’ve simply done what I’ve had to do, and I will continue to do so. If I see my work being used against my wishes, I will file a copyright complaint. I’m tired of being polite. I’m tired of being trampled on. I’m tired of seeing hundreds of people getting recognized for something that I did.
I think I deserve a little recognition for this monster I have created. And if anyone wants to whine and cry about it, here’s my advice:
Go outside. Get a life. Find your muse and create something of your own to be proud of. If you apply yourself instead of just taking advantage of someone else’s work, maybe you’ll be successful in your own way.
If you want to feature my work, I’m usually cool with it. But you have to agree to my terms which starts with you contacting me and getting my permission.
The simplest Google search will usually take you almost directly to me.
If you enter any of the following words: (Lisa, pink, backpack, ghost, diary, imaginary friend, creepypasta) in pretty much any combination, you’ll probably find me pretty easily. There is no excuse for not taking a couple of minutes to do your research and figure out the true source: me.
And on that note, I’m out of here. If you see someone infringing my rights, do let me know about it.

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